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Hello, I’m Austin.  I help people make good decisions about their money.

It is my pleasure to share encouragement with you in the realm of personal finance.  Because I am well aware that personal finance is so much more personal than finance, I feel compelled to pass on gems of wisdom that I have mined over the years as both a follower of Jesus and a wealth manager. Continue reading “Welcome.”

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Equal OPPORTUNITY is not the same as Equal OUTCOME.

Recently Facebook’s Founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, spoke at Harvard’s commencement ceremony and mentioned one of the more ludicrous things I’ve heard in quite some time.  He commented that “everyone should have a cushion (financial) to try new ideas.”  And that having a form of “universal basic income” is a way to accomplish that.

WHAT?   Continue reading “Equal OPPORTUNITY is not the same as Equal OUTCOME.”

Focus On Planning | How much do I need to save to get to my “number”?

start early.jpgOn any given day, you can turn on your television and see a variety of commercials that ultimately ask you, “What is your NUMBER?” The commercials are referencing the number you need saved for retirement, or financial freedom, or some other finishing point.   Continue reading “Focus On Planning | How much do I need to save to get to my “number”?”

reFOCUS: Quotes to consider.

You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.

-Henry Ford

Focus On The Future | Choose Your Words Wisely.

img_5809Children are smart. Kids grasp concepts and teachings extremely well when being taught on a one-to-one level.  Probably most amazing is to see what they pick up even when you aren’t necessarily trying to teach them something.  They never stop watching and learning. Continue reading “Focus On The Future | Choose Your Words Wisely.”

My always-and-forever, never-changing, very best encouragement for college students.

IMG_1916(A couple of my favorite future college students.)  😉

When entering the “real world”, at least from a financial perspective, you will hear a lot of noise about the best way to handle your new responsibilities.

“Defer any student loans as long as possible.”

“Make minimum payments or income-based payments.”

“Don’t worry about student loans, everyone has them.”

Listen to me… BE WISE TO THE LIES! Continue reading “My always-and-forever, never-changing, very best encouragement for college students.”

reFOCUS | Quotes to consider.

Little Things Matter.

IMG_4913In 2015, the #1 earner on the PGA (Professional Golfer’s Association) tour made $10 million.

The #100 earner?  He made $1 million.

The difference in those two players over the course of the year was 0.05 strokes per hole played. Continue reading “Little Things Matter.”

Don’t Give Money Away

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article that outlined the number of bank overdraft transactions in 2016. The total tally?

1.12 billion.

That is billion with a B.  To be clear, that is the amount of just the transactions NOT the associated fees. Assuming an overdraft fee is $35, that equals $39.2 billion in overdraft fees.  Continue reading “Don’t Give Money Away”

Financial Fitness | What Have You Earned So Far?

IMG_3612Here is an interesting little experiment to discover how much you have earned so far and determine what you have to show for it.  We are about to participate in one of my very favorite activities…MATH.  Ready?

Add up your lifetime earnings.  This information is available at  (Along with your lifetime earnings, you will find your estimated benefits based on a variety of assumptions, and a bunch of interesting [and frightening] statistics about the financial security of your future social security benefit.) Continue reading “Financial Fitness | What Have You Earned So Far?”

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