Hello, I’m Austin.  I help people make good decisions about their money.

It is my pleasure to share encouragement with you in the realm of personal finance.  Because I am well aware that personal finance is so much more personal than finance, I feel compelled to pass on gems of wisdom that I have mined over the years as both a follower of Jesus and a wealth manager.

How we feel about money in addition to what we were taught (or more likely what we caught) growing up has developed a mindset in the area of money.  That foundation provokes our financial behaviors.

In jest, I often remark that my mission is to take over the world….in a good way.  What I mean by that is I want to do my part in changing the world by refocusing the way people view their pocketbooks and inspiring excellence in the way they use the contents.  (By that, I mean money.)

Where your treasure is, there your heart will be.  In other words, show me your wallet and I’ll tell you who and what you truly care about.  Have you paid close attention to your treasure?  It is time to GET FOCUSED.  The seemingly impossible impact you can make with your treasure is 100% possibleYou just need a crisp focal point.  And courage. 

Having a financial focal point is critically pivotal to your future and those closest to you.  What are your convictions when it comes to money?  What are your goals? It’s time to get a vision, focus, and do your part to MAKE IT HAPPEN.  

I’m here to encourage you in that.  The word encourage means to fill with courage.  To pass on courage or en-COURAGE you to do the next right thing.  Using wisdom from the Bible and financial principles used in my office day-to-day, I will share simple and motivational information that can help you form and maintain your financial focus.

My message will always be more than money.  It is sharing with you a mindset.  A mentality that is forever tethered to sacrificial stewardship of the heart.  A mindset of generosity that is free to give Him everything.

When we partner with the Lord to accomplish His plans and purposes on the earth, He partners with us.

Let’s Focus.