IMG_1916(A couple of my favorite future college students.)  😉

When entering the “real world”, at least from a financial perspective, you will hear a lot of noise about the best way to handle your new responsibilities.

“Defer any student loans as long as possible.”

“Make minimum payments or income-based payments.”

“Don’t worry about student loans, everyone has them.”

Listen to me… BE WISE TO THE LIES!

Take a different viewpoint and attack that debt with ferocity.  Get rid of it and flee from it like a gazelle flees from the hunter!!


As a part of your first budget, build in a monthly payment number that will eliminate that loan in the shortest time possible.  You can do it!  Make it a 12-month payment plan, or 24-month.

Do not take financial advice from broke people!  (See: federal government, state government, and the majority of your buddies with car payments…)

I promise you, NOW is the time to tackle this.  First thing on the list.  Take control of your finances and learn good stewardship now.  This simple goal will be a powerful step in the right direction for your future.  If you learn how to steward the little you have to work with now, you will be able to handle what comes down the road.  More money and income is not a blessing for someone who cannot handle their current amount.  Take your training time seriously.

GO.  Take over the world, in a good way.  (And do everything you can to pay off that college debt.  Immediately.  Even if it means continuing to eat nothing but Ramen noodles for another year.)