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Focus On The Future | Let them spend their money.

A part of the Give.Save.Spend. teaching philosophy (read more about that here) involves SPEND. That is often the most exciting one of the three for kids. It certainly can be with my children…and me to be honest.

Side-note: It is fun to spend money, especially when you know it is a part of your overall financial plan. No excuses. No regrets. No questions. No shame. No blame. Good, clean spending. Continue reading “Focus On The Future | Let them spend their money.”

Focus On The Future | Choose Your Words Wisely.

img_5809Children are smart. Kids grasp concepts and teachings extremely well when being taught on a one-to-one level.  Probably most amazing is to see what they pick up even when you aren’t necessarily trying to teach them something.  They never stop watching and learning. Continue reading “Focus On The Future | Choose Your Words Wisely.”

My always-and-forever, never-changing, very best encouragement for college students.

IMG_1916(A couple of my favorite future college students.)  😉

When entering the “real world”, at least from a financial perspective, you will hear a lot of noise about the best way to handle your new responsibilities.

“Defer any student loans as long as possible.”

“Make minimum payments or income-based payments.”

“Don’t worry about student loans, everyone has them.”

Listen to me… BE WISE TO THE LIES! Continue reading “My always-and-forever, never-changing, very best encouragement for college students.”

Focus On The Future | College Conversations

Somewhere along the way college became a taboo conversation in most households.  I’m not talking about the idea of attending college, I’m talking about the costs involved, whose responsibility it will be to pay for it, and the coordinating plan to go along with those intentions.

I speak to so many clients who are taking on the burden of paying for college for their kids (more often than not that means financing and not actually paying for…) without ever actually TALKING with their children about the cost, the course of study, and the mutual responsibility involved in the whole process.

Continue reading “Focus On The Future | College Conversations”

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