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Little Things Matter.

IMG_4913In 2015, the #1 earner on the PGA (Professional Golfer’s Association) tour made $10 million.

The #100 earner?  He made $1 million.

The difference in those two players over the course of the year was 0.05 strokes per hole played. Continue reading “Little Things Matter.”

Don’t Give Money Away

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article that outlined the number of bank overdraft transactions in 2016. The total tally?

1.12 billion.

That is billion with a B.  To be clear, that is the amount of just the transactions NOT the associated fees. Assuming an overdraft fee is $35, that equals $39.2 billion in overdraft fees.  Continue reading “Don’t Give Money Away”

Financial Fitness | What Have You Earned So Far?

IMG_3612Here is an interesting little experiment to discover how much you have earned so far and determine what you have to show for it.  We are about to participate in one of my very favorite activities…MATH.  Ready?

Add up your lifetime earnings.  This information is available at  (Along with your lifetime earnings, you will find your estimated benefits based on a variety of assumptions, and a bunch of interesting [and frightening] statistics about the financial security of your future social security benefit.) Continue reading “Financial Fitness | What Have You Earned So Far?”

The WHY and HOW of Life Insurance

I believe that everyone needs life insurance at some point during their lifetime.  Few people need life insurance for their entire lifetime.   Continue reading “The WHY and HOW of Life Insurance”

A Biblical Perspective | The Ministry of Giving

Giving is a ministry opportunity. I think we forget how frequently discussed the topics of wealth, stewardship and money are in the Bible. Perhaps we forget that because there aren’t a lot of pastors or churches that are comfortable teaching in that area. Continue reading “A Biblical Perspective | The Ministry of Giving”

Cash vs. Credit

The credit card industry in the United States is massive.

In 2015, there were $3 trillion worth of processed credit card transactions.  The percentage of GDP that the credit card industry represents has risen from 10% in 2000 to 15% last year.  American households are carrying nearly $1 trillion dollars worth of credit card debt.   Continue reading “Cash vs. Credit”

Focus On The Future | College Conversations

Somewhere along the way college became a taboo conversation in most households.  I’m not talking about the idea of attending college, I’m talking about the costs involved, whose responsibility it will be to pay for it, and the coordinating plan to go along with those intentions.

I speak to so many clients who are taking on the burden of paying for college for their kids (more often than not that means financing and not actually paying for…) without ever actually TALKING with their children about the cost, the course of study, and the mutual responsibility involved in the whole process.

Continue reading “Focus On The Future | College Conversations”

Financially Faithful | “Tell Me More About That”

img_1860Guess what: we are all emotional about money!   It isn’t a man/woman, young/old, rich/poor thing; it is a human nature thing. Pretending like we aren’t emotional–and pretending that those emotions don’t affect our financial behaviors–is a dangerous habit.

Continue reading “Financially Faithful | “Tell Me More About That””

10 Jaw-Dropping Facts About the I.O.U. U.S.A.

It is tax season as I write this and I am sure we are all curious about what the federal government does with all of those tax dollars it collects from its productive tax-paying citizens. Continue reading “10 Jaw-Dropping Facts About the I.O.U. U.S.A.”

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