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Focus On Planning | The Lifeboat Drill

Placeholder ImageWhat happens if your financial world was turned upside down tomorrow? Are you prepared?

I often make clients sit down to run through what I call a “lifeboat drill.” Although not a fun exercise, it is a very practical and powerful one to practice NOW to bring you peace LATER.

It works simply like this: What exactly do/does I/my spouse do in the event of the other’s death? Continue reading “Focus On Planning | The Lifeboat Drill”

Financially Faithful | Why You Absolutely Must Agree On A Budget.

My wife and I have been married 11 years and have always agreed 100% on every dollar we have spent. And I’ve never told a lie. Unfortunately, both of those statements are ludicrous.

Through my 15 years as a professional advisor and the decade or so of financial counseling I’ve provided through church organizations, I have come across just a small handful of couples that actually agree on the dollar-for-dollar budget. If it was easy, everyone would do it. The fact that “financial troubles” are listed as the top reason for divorce every single year, it clearly isn’t easy. Continue reading “Financially Faithful | Why You Absolutely Must Agree On A Budget.”

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