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Focus On Planning | How much do I need to save to get to my “number”?

start early.jpgOn any given day, you can turn on your television and see a variety of commercials that ultimately ask you, “What is your NUMBER?” The commercials are referencing the number you need saved for retirement, or financial freedom, or some other finishing point.   Continue reading “Focus On Planning | How much do I need to save to get to my “number”?”

Financial Fitness | What Have You Earned So Far?

IMG_3612Here is an interesting little experiment to discover how much you have earned so far and determine what you have to show for it.  We are about to participate in one of my very favorite activities…MATH.  Ready?

Add up your lifetime earnings.  This information is available at  (Along with your lifetime earnings, you will find your estimated benefits based on a variety of assumptions, and a bunch of interesting [and frightening] statistics about the financial security of your future social security benefit.) Continue reading “Financial Fitness | What Have You Earned So Far?”

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